Welcome to Fern Valley

Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .


All of the poems posted here on the blog are originals and written by me unless otherwise stated .
Many can be found in my book Telling Tails .
Others , will be posted here as they are written. I am currently working on a new collection ,tentatively titled  "Tails Trails , and campfire stories"
Please do not copy ,or reproduce any of the poetry on the blog or in my books with out permission from , the author.


Take the time
Once in a while
To just be the reason
For a stranger to smile

Give them your hand
Open the door
Or offer some shelter
From a downpour

In a world that’s so busy
And hustling about
Our minds become selfish
We never look out

But take just a moment
Now and again
To open our hearts
Let kindness shine in

If each of us took
This one little task
What could we gain?
Do you have to ask?

A little more joy,
Out there to be found
And many more smiles
If you just look around

But please don’t forget
To keep it on track
When they smile at you
You smile right back

The Shortcut Appy

Let me tell you a story from some time ago

from the days when away I would go
Out to the "hills" with my good horse and ride
inspired by the beautiful Mountain side .

I rode with good folks, family and such
to make them all laugh ,just didn't take much

We rode in the rain, the weather was crappy
and I rode along on
"The Short cut Appy"
Not really her name, but a title she earned
a wonderful horse ,with power to burn

We rode along a ridge one day as a bunch
and then it happened , just before lunch

The group got ahead at the top of a climb
Catana, and I ,had fallen behind
I looked up to see riders above me
and away we did go! Oh heaven does love me

In 5 mighty leaps she went up the side
Grabbing leather and mane I went for a ride !
She made it alright and took me with her
but I do have to say , I wasn't all sure

She made that steep climb,
and she made it snappy
from then she was known as
"the Short Cut Appy"

Back at the camp the story was told
and jokes were many as the evening got old
No one was worried 'bout a fall or a bruise
But I heard them all yell
" Don't drop the booze!"

A summer storm

A mighty crash, a streak of light
There will be no sleep for me this night
While lying in my bed so warm
I am wakened by a summer storm
The lightning flashes split the night
And turn the world from dark to light
Followed by the Thunders roar
And then the sound of a downpour
Tomorrows plans go down the drain
Washed away by pouring rain
For with this storm, the coming day
Won’t be one for making hay
Rich and Lucky

You’ll get rich and I’ll get lucky
Now there is a place to start!
Those words were spoken by none other

Than the man who took my heart
Now wait a bit,
don’t let your mind go down those sullied courses

The conversation was nothing wrong,
quite simply about horses

Get Rich Quick, and Lucky Chant,
were 2 good mares you see
He made a deal when we met
and bought them both for me.

Not a common courtship really,
he didn’t bring me roses

Instead, he brought a cow and calf,
and horses with soft noses

But knowing me as I do, I think he had insight
A guy who brings his girl livestock
In my book gets it right!

Roses fade and chocolates spoil,
nothing lasts forever
But raising horses, and raising cows
Is what we do together


A big yellow guy

With love in his eyes
He will turn doubters into believers

Loyal and kind
And gentle of mind
Winston, the Golden Retriever

A friend and a greeter
And savior of Skeeter
His little buddy, he protects,

From coyotes, and thunder
And wide eyed wonder
For all of the thanks that he gets

Under the watchful eye
Of this wonderful guy
Farm babies of
All kinds are guarded

He puts up with lots
From all kinds of tots
And has never
Become hard hearted

Hours he did log
As therapy dog
A task he excelled
And well worth it

At the end of the day
What more can I say
He is practically

The Star in my Eyes

He is somebody,
Not one of the guys
My own darling father
The star in my eyes

A farmer a mechanic and more, does it all
A true Good Samaritan, who will answer the call
Of help for a neighbor, family or friend
Or even a stranger a hand he will lend

From the time we were born,
Till we walked down the aisle
And he gave us away,
Through tears and a smile
His daughter’s knew
It took only a call
And he would come running
And not let us fall

And now we are grown,
And well on our way
Yet not far, from our thoughts
or hearts does he stray

For this is the man, who raised us up right
Who dried our tears, late in the night
And kept us safe, in the circle of his arms
Until it was time, to let us take flight

And still even now, if troubles befall
We know he will be there, it just takes a call

So what do you give a man of such heart?
Somehow a card, doesn’t even start
To tell him how much he means and has done
Really, a gift? Why stop at just one

He has given so much
Ask none in return
How do you celebrate a light ,

that so brightly burns ?
Today of all days, I must at least try
Happy Birthday, to you Dad
You’re a star in my eyes!

As we grow older
And wiser and bolder
The years passing
 Often too soon

Don’t hide from your birthday
It isn’t your worst day
Don’t spend it alone in your room

Nothing to hide from
Just look what you have done
There really is no need to mourn

Let the people who love you

And the lord God above you
Rejoice for the day you were born!

Campfire Stories
By Sherry Sikstrom
Sit and listen to the guys
Tell their tales
And tell their lies
Revisiting the
 Youthful glories
Disguising them in
 Campfire stories

As the nights grow late and old
The bigger stories now are told
The fish, the bear, the 10 point buck
The day they nearly rolled the truck

Faster horses bigger climbs
As they relive, those good old times
Adventures they had in their lives
It’s a wonder any one survived

The ladies sit there all the while
Quiet with a knowing smile
Not saying much agin or for
But when the men begin to snore
And just us girls we are alone
Well, we have stories of our own!

A farmer and cowboy
a hunter and such
You could tell to look at
him he didn’t eat much
A burger and some whiskey
He will never tire
A guy like that’s built
Out of old baling wire

Tall lean and lanky
With a fist like a mitt.

Call him out when he is drinking
And he will get into it!
A jab or a punch, and
Down on the ground
He will give it his all
on every go round

But tell him his friend
Has got in a bind
He will stop in an instant
 and leave it behind

He will show up to help
And bring long a crew
And whatever you need,
Well that’s what he’ll do

They don’t make them quite
Like that anymore
But the ones that are here,
Are good ones for sure

wiser species?

Lessons From Nature
If we listen to Gods creatures
We find they are amazing teachers

You rarely see a stressed out cat
Or for that fact a sunburned bat

Squirrels know to plan ahead
and are never short a safe warm bed

A momma bear cares for her babies
Protects them ,no ifs ands or maybes

Unconditional love , most folks can't reach it
and yet a good kind dog can teach it

Yet some people tear others to pieces
and call ourselves the