Welcome to Fern Valley

Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My secret(not so well kept ) streak of Appytude

Most who have come to know me over the years , know I am a bit ,how shall I put this ? Determined? nah tell the truth ,I am downright stubborn at times . I also have a devilish streak about me , together it seems I, the Appy breeder, also have "Appytude" !
Close friends and family are at this point rolling their eyes and saying "really ?who knew?"

Anyhow , more to the point .I am almost always up for a challenge.This one has been in my mind for quite some time. A few months ago I attended a "Bronc Busting" in Wildwood. There was a performer there in the intermission Nikki Cammaert (Flundra)who normally does trick riding , but this time did a presentation with Liberty horses .It was a lovey display . We were standing in the beer gardens watching this when a guy approached me and said "I bet you can't do that with your horse "
Well this is where the "tude" comes in .The guy irritated me , just that kind of guy who might not be a terrible person , but had had one more cocktail than was good for his personality . I got my hackles up and rather than just smile and walk away I said  "Can't???? I don't know , I have never tried". Well you know he couldn't leave it there, and he pushed a little "bet you couldn't" bout then I gently explained to him(stop laughing those who know me ) that I did not care  to talk with him further and he would be best advised to depart.

But the "I bet you can't"  thing has kind of rankled me on and off . As I said , I don't know I have never tried. But telling me I can't do something has often been a pretty big catalyst to get me to do it after all !

Well here it is ,I think I might try . Phoenix listens well,and I did get him to dance and show off for me . and Also seeing as Dandy is still here , and too young to start under saddle...
Guess we will see what we  can do . and if I bump into old whatshisface next year? maybe I will have a different answer, or a garden hose!

My emails all end with a favorite quote
"If it is possible I will do it .If it is impossible ,it will take me a little longer.

Stay safe everyone

Monday, 26 September 2011

Tails and trails and a not so distant shore

So , after yesterdays pics, my dad asked if I had been down to the lake to take photos. I hadn't yet .So today I thought I better get after it before the wind blew all the leaves away . 

The trail to the lake (it is a small lake ,named Lac Ste Thomas)

Low ground near the lake

Not such a clear shot of the lake today , the weeds are getting tall and the willows as well. I stood on a very shaky picnic table  to get these

 The real trick was to get in here before these guys saw me !
Johnnie!!! Your end is in view!

No walk around Fern Valley is ever complete without the epic duelling doggies!

Watch your back Win

"what ?where"

"AHA ! gotcha!!!!"

"Oh no you don't little buddy!"

Stay safe everyone!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Falling behind

I had intended to put my post up for Sunday Stills  today .Which I don't do too often, but the subject matter The first signs of fall was something I could really do around here. But between busy work and the Internet failing for much of the evening ,I kinda missed the boat. Oh well. Still got some good shots and wanted to share 
We are getting some lovely color this year, reds and golds

 Still some green to go with it, and a few colorful ponies in the mix! Peps, Andee, and Jewels racing for ???

A little frolicking by Andee Annie, and Jewels

I love this view

 Nosh Nosh, don't forget the red here and the lovely green hay!
A lighter shade of gold.

While Martin was home over the summer , he did most of the checking on the cows , now hat he is gone it is up to me again. I couldn't resist  a few shots of these handsome babies

"You looking at me?"

 Winston "whispering calves" from the safe side of the fence today
They are getting pretty big  now

Brother in law Marc, coming in from a long hot day on the tractor

 The road home from the field. I got many more shots, and will post a few more. I have to get down to the lake tomorrow and see if I can get a few over the water .
I did spend a fairly quiet weekend . Got a load of square bales yesterday , and moved a couple horses around. And today hooked on to the trailer and delivered a horse I had sold to his new owner. other than that and chores, it was a pretty easy weekend . I could get used to that!
Stay safe everyone

Friday, 23 September 2011

Just Breathe

That is my plan for this weekend. I t has been a very busy past few weeks . And I still have lots to do before fall really takes hold. I will get some of it done. Moving a few horses, delivering Chance to his new home. Maybe some fencing and house keeping if there is time , but the feeling of "pressure" to get everything done right now " is well frankly for the birds! and I my friends am frankly too fat to fly ! So instead , I am going to take a little time to prioritize what absolutely MUST be done . and if the floors don't get swept? Oh well .
Took the dogs for a little walk tonight , and the kittens came to the house to visit .And I ? well I just enjoyed the view
Can I come in?

Tommy Toes , master mouser!

I don't see a pair my size?

My brother in law Marc , being wrapped neatly around the paw of Miss Grey
And of course a few shots of the boys!

Have a wonderful weekend .
And as always,Stay safe!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

And the hits just keep on coming!

 This has been a difficult post to write , in that I have had a lot going on ,not much of it good.I don't love to complain , but in the interests of keeping it "real" .. .

 I have mentioned the loss of my Uncle .And my mom has had some continued difficulties in hosp . She will not be coming home for a while. We had a meeting today , and the plan is for her to continue therapy in a transitional setting, then hopefully will be well enough to come home in 6 weeks or so .It is hard on her and very upsetting to all. But safety for her and dad in the home has to be the priority and right now she is still too weak.

Took Martin to the airport last night , and on the way home had the frightening experience of playing "dodge ball " with the wheel of a tractor trailer unit that had come off the truck! Not fun, and a nod to my fellow motorists on the road,Nice moves guys ! we all got out unscathed.

Got home to do chores , and whether it was the fact that I moved Dandy and Wilder, the neighbors peacocks running around in my yard again or just good old fashioned Sh*'thouse luck. The mares got all jacked up and started running around like lunatics in the field. Got them settled ,but not before , my sweet Comet ,hit a down tree, and gouged his chest!
I should mention here, that Quinn , took a corner too fast about a month ago  and took a board off the fence with his chest , developing a large abscess on his  chest . He has just nicely healed from that (and what an absolute darling to treat! ) and no Comet has a gouge in nearly the same spot! (different pen , different cause , but all the same , another injury to treat )

It is messy  and a bit swollen from the impact , but all in all I believe we can clean it up and get him healed. As bad as it looks ,he is bearing weight and moving well ,only showing a slight limitation to forward extension at the walk.

This end as you see is still in fine form.

Walked out tonight to check the young girls , and found Cat(Catch a Dream) to be quite lame as well! no lacerations,heat  or swelling , and did seem to "walk it off " some so I will keep an eye on her ,and maybe give her some bute as needed . Not entirely sure it isn't an abscess so we will see.
I have to admit when I saw her I had a moment of laughter, not that I find it funny , more like a little hysteria. I have had quite enough for a while thanks! 

The cats seem well so far so hopefully all will settle into a sense of normacly soon . Yeesh!

Injured stock is part of the package as we all know , and as several fellow bloggers can attest , it never rains but it pours !. As the Maggie  Muggins books I read as a child always ended "Well Mr Mc Garrity , I wonder what will happen tomorrow"
Yup I wonder too!
Stay safe and well

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Its whats for diiner

Still feeling a little blue and pathetic. Just tired from running  back and forth to see mom in hosp, and she had a bit of a backslide last week that rattled me . Also will be attending a funeral on Thurs for a beloved Uncle , who lost his battle with cancer on Sunday.
Martin is leaving tonight to return to work for a 14 day stretch then home for 7 and back again . So my summer of being spoiled and having him home has come to an end . sigh.

That all said , the one tiny bonus is I am making myself a treat for dinner tonight . I am having an Antipasto plate. Why? Because I can. Martin would eat it (or parts of it ) but likely wonder where is the rest? I like this kind of picky food for dinner now and then so ,why not?

Also , I think it is time to start gathering photos for my calenders this year .That should keep me busy and out of trouble for a while .

Stay safe everyone

Sunday, 18 September 2011


A single leaf falls like a tear
As the fall begins this year
Summer days come to an end
And the fall begins again
The colors change overnight
And reflect their beauty in the light
The Canada geese, heed the call
And gather up to fly each fall
The grasses change from green to brown
And we feel the chill as sun goes down
The critters they will now prepare
With thicker coats and longer hair
For winter's long and powerful reign
As this years end, comes again
With the cool and fading light
we know our world will soon be white
Fall and winter too will go
And with the melting of the snow
Renewed reborn the joy it brings
With the coming of the spring
We mark 4 seasons here each year
As one moves on the next appears
In life as well, the changes clear
As a single leaf, falls like a tear.
A bit melancholy .I realise , but it suits my feelings today .I will say more about it all in time ,but for now ,love to all and Stay safe .

Friday, 16 September 2011

The 7 toe advantage

 Camouflage cats

we has wicked skilz ,balance and climbing!

Diesel says ,WHAT!!!! These are NOT the minions I ordered!!!!!!!

 I said Black, sleek elegant minions! not these 7 toed wonders!

Curses! My plans for world domination foiled again!

Gasp!!!   one has stormed my fortress!!!!!!

Must overcome!!!!

LOL Stay safe everyone