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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Where have you been?

First of all I am doing well and so it seems is my sweet horse Johnny Handsome. He is not back to his youth but he is holding weight and his breathing is much improved. Especially just lately, maybe the cooler temps or the summer of grass and meds/supplements but for now I have hope that he will remain comfortable and continue to be with us.Not sure I will ride him again, and that is a sad loss, such a brave and honorable little horse!
Canadian Cowgirl, has an older horse and she had some photos taken with him, and it got me thinking , it was something I should do with Johnny. After all,he is better but not getting younger, and you cannot take a chance once it is missed. So I had my niece out to take a few . Unfortunately timing and weather wee not to our advantage so these are not pics of a well groomed pair, but Deanna did capture the essence of who Johnny and I are to each other. 
THe title of the blog is part of a song lyric I know from years back, its funny, I see Johhnny every day, give him his meds and monitor his weight and breathing. But its not the same and spending real time with him, so this photo shoot was so much more than that... it was time for us to reconnect. 

 Where have you been
 I looked for you 
 forever and a day

 where have you been
 I'm just 
 not myself 

 when you're

A good time to do this , as I am looking at some down time shortly, finally have a surgery date for my elbow replacement! October 31, Halloween!lol
I guess I will go dressed as a patient .
Looks like about 6 weeks recovery time so I should have lots of time to read, and blog, and hopefully take some easy walks out to see my wonderful healing horses.

Also maybe see if there are actually enough poems and quotes in my stash to begin the process of book 3.
I wrote one the other day after listening to a gal who had been through a great number of difficulties in her life, some of her own making, but many as a result of stigma, and the culture of shame and blame that has become to common.

On war
Not every battle 
Explodes with guns
And with violence

Sometimes weapons are
Words, darkness and silence

Defenseless alone,
With nowhere to hide
Desperate for safety
A warm hand to guide

How can this happen 
In a word so enlightened

That we are left as lost children
Alone and so frightened
Can it be changed can we be saved

Or are we doomed to this fear
Alone yet enslaved

Throw open the door, 
Let in the light
Leave no weary soul
Alone in the night

Let your words
be used wisely
Not cutting like 
And remember the value 
that exists in all lives

Let your heart be made peaceful
your smile light the way 
and prayer bring us healing
in each coming day

Off to go read some blogs and catch up with all of you wonderful folks I have come to know and love in this community. I have missed you ! 
As always stay safe my friends