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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Plans for the weekend ?

 Several people asked me last week ,if I had any plans for the long weekend?
my response, was nope , laying low .We live in an area quite close to Lac Ste Anne , and though we don't think about it much most of the year ,it is in fact a resort area. My place is about 1 1/2  miles from the lake , near a summer village and across the lake form the main beach. There are several "summer villages around the lake , some  permanent residents and  the weekend visitors. I have no problem with most  but there are always the bad eggs . My  thoughts are best reflected by my statement on Facebook this morning

"Its a holiday weekend here, note to all the folk who rush out from the big city to enjoy the serenity of the country in the campgrounds and lake lots, welcome. Couple of things though; no, my horse pasture, driveway, hay field etc ARE NOT A PARK AND NOT A QUAD TRACK, no, you cannot pet the horsies ,and if you could kindly SLOW DOWN on the gravel roads they, are not a speed way that would be cool.Finally , please be careful with the fireworks ,this is where you relax, but it is where I live and if it burns up... and for heavens sake wear a helmet on the quad , the only thing that would upset me more than you driving on my fields is finding you dead or dying in them !"

With all of the extra  traffic and people around ,I don't tend to head out much on long weekends . The highways are crazy, and I am not a big fan of crowds . So I stay home, lay low and spend time with the ponies . Today I brought "the golden boys" in for some handling which is something I have needed to do for some time. They were pretty good, a little hesitant to let me halter them, Comet  more than Quinn, which shows  what time  does, when I halter broke them Comet  was easy peasy and Quinn seemed convinced I was killing him! LOL  Nothing that exiting today , just a little avoidance and walking away . A little of this every day , and they will be just fine . Tried to get a few pics for ads and such , going to have to  get some  more bu these are a start

Why blogger has suddenly decided to  refuse to rotate pictures I have no idea, but I left this one  up anyhow, he looks like such a cute little rogue
Other than that ,checked pastures , mowed the lawn , went to the lake for a little swim at Deb's cabin. The relaxed at a little fire in my  yard . Pretty good day  all in all , hoping the weekend continues along the same lines .

Wishing everyone a wonderful SAFE weekend . And to my Canadian friends , HAPPY CANADA  DAY

Friday, 29 June 2012

Helping hands

Many of you  already know Mikael from Rising Rainbow Arabians Mikaels Mania-Arabians
Those who don't may remember a blog post I did last year when I went to Washington to visit some family ,took a side trip  nearly to the foot of Mt Rainier, and there I met the beautiful horses she raises  and loves . I fell in love over and over with her gentle  kind horses, Suede, was a particular favorite, and Tango, and of course who could forget the Wonderful Legs!!!

 Reflection and ??? very sweet boys who both wanted my attention at onece
 Just a teaser shot of the Wonderful Legs
Young Tango, what a story he has and has yet to tell

I have enjoyed her blog and her stories of how she has progressed in the industry, laughed with er about some things, and cried for her and with her on others. Mikael  fell ill last year shortly after I left her place , and I have to say this is one amazing lady , she has been to the edge and back ! And yet done this with her dreams and integrity intact!
As she moves forward in health and in her business the has an opportunity to receive  a grant to further her efforts . Please take the time to go and vote for her  HERE  simply go to the site , either log in with , Facebook or register then search Rising  Rainbow Arabians .
Best  of luck to you Mikael

Take a moment please friends, and go vote if you have not already. and as always stay safe

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Somewhere, over the rainbow

Forgive me friends this will be a melancholy post .
I have been in a state of the blues today , couldn't really think why, but on the edge of tears and just ,well plain old sad. I thought , well the is stuff going on at work that is irritating and frankly stupid, but that ,while it  doesn't help isn't usually enough to get me down. After all I work to live , not live to work so...

Then I thought maybe it is the fact hat hubby is away, and it sure is part of it I miss him and the longer this job goes the longer his 2 weeks out feels ,and the shorter the 1 week home.But again , that is life and I am pretty used to it .
 Then I saw a post from a friend of mine , Janice at Own a Morgan and well frankly I panicked! I had a feeling what the post was about and for the whole day I avoided reading it Her beloved Gelding Texas has passed away at 34yrs old. I shouldn't be sad he lived a long and wonderful life in her care, but I so know the empty feeling they leave  whether they have been with 3 yrs or 30 ,horse lovers know it doesn't take long for them to become part of you .
That coupled with the senseless loss Of Toffee ,my friend Sarah's horse (Heartsick) and hearing from my Sister in law about a foaling  gone horribly wrong for them which resulted in them euthanizing  both the mare and foal , I am just hurting for  those I care about .  The foaling , was one of those things, they were there they tried , and did their very best as did their vet , but sometimes the outcome is just not good in spite of everyone's best efforts.
Any of us who love animals , cats, dogs ,birds , horses,etc know going it that they will not be with us forever, but it still never prepares you for the wrenching  pain their leaving brings . Call me a bleeding heart if you want  I somehow feel at least some of  the feeling of loss each of those folk are suffering.

Reminders of loves of my own who have left their mark in my heart. 
So while you may have read this before , please bear with me as I share it again , in love and support to those who are hurting , and to remind them they were as much a blessing to their horses as the horses were to them. And  may we all meet again someday , somewhere ,just over the Rainbow Bridge

Made of Horses

For my entire life it seems
Horse have been in my dreams
In my life and in my space
A feeling that you can’t replace

The Grace and beauty that they share
Cannot be found, just anywhere

They are a thing second to none
To let them go leaves me undone
And heartbroken tears I will cry
When all to soon they say goodbye

Each takes a piece of my own heart
When the sad time comes to part

But leaves behind no empty space
Just glowing memories in their place

I watch them grow and watch them dance
And know that it was worth the chance
No rage against natures forces
It has left my heart
Made of Horses 

Stay safe my friends

Sunday, 24 June 2012

A little different

 So I have been bumbling along this spring with my flower beds. I knew what I wanted , but could not for the life of me seem to get it done. I am not a great gardener, (understatement of the year ) but I do like to have pretty things and flowers are pretty . So I usually try to get a few annuals, but most of my flower beds are either roses or  perennials.Then I spent the summer cursing the weeds, because  weeds,I can grow! 
Over the years I have collected some nice perennials, Veronica, Dahlias, and a perennial geranium to name the ones I can remember . but the  empty patches always I would try to fill with annuals.
Mostly the annuals would die or get choked by the weeds, so instead of completely admitting defeat I am trying this .
I  weeded it all thoroughly  then laid down a  weed barrier mat , and  have topped it with cedar chips .
It leaves more open spaces , but I do  kind of like the look 
Also found some really cute garden fence pieces  to brace up the taller plants,  you cant really see them  but they have butterflies on them 

 I have to complement the  lady at Home Depot who helped me today . When I got there it was pouring rain, she came out  helped find the  chips I wanted ,then insisted on loading them in the truck. ALL TEN BAGS!  because I did not have a jacket!I asked her how she liked her coffee and she laughed and said  "just with cream" boy was she surprised when I came  running in with a coffee 10 min later !But really service like that ? I kinda felt like I ought to do something . Will also take a friends advice and email the company 
I am pretty pleased with the way it all turned out , and I think simple is better in the long run , after all just across the driveway I have , Mother Natures landscaping and garden

 Really , anything I do would just be gilding the lily don't you think?
Stay safe everyone 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Absent minded, or just absent

Lately I have been thinking of lots of stuff to blog about ,but by the time I start to write it ,it has faded again. I wanted to do a post for today  a Fridays for sale post  or something , and it just  never came together .Busy tired , not sure what , commenting on other blogs seems to be beyond me .
I do read, just ,never seem to have enough  time to formulate a comment .Its not  like I am actually getting  anything much done here either, or it just doesn't feel like it .
 Gonna have to find ,my stride  pretty quick here, I have quite a lot I do want to do.
 Meanwhile I will leave you  with the wish for a wonderful first weekend of summer (here at least , and for Sally , hopes for a warm winter weekend where you are)
And wishes that everyone , stay safe and well, and wear your sunscreen!
Oh, and a few pics of the golden boys , who are both for sale , so maybe I sorta did a FFS post?


Wednesday, 20 June 2012


That is the only way I can describe what I am feeling today . A senseless act of malice and violence has left 1 beautiful horse and  3 cows dead, a  heartbroken child. And a lady who is  a friend also suffering this loss. To view the news article follow the link below , but be aware there are some graphic and disturbing images .
News Article and video here  .
Watching the video of Sarah and her beautiful Toffee had me in tears, and later to hear that they were unable to remove the bullet from Toffee's head and he had to be euthanised  truly breaks my heart .
Sarah asks "what  kind of person would hurt a horse?" And so do I, they shot Toffee, not once , not twice  but three times !!!!

What  kind of sick individual  does that?

 RIP Sweet Toffee, and the  cow calf pair  as well.
I am sharing this with all tonight  for  2 reasons, first ,to acknowledge the loss, that these folks have suffered and second, as heartsick as I am I am also mad as hell, and the more folks know about this  needless senseless sick act , the more will be aware and listening , as I have no doubt the coward who perpetrated this will also be fool enough to brag , if anyone in the area hears any information please immediately report it to the Stony Plain RCMP 780-968-7267 !  If they  will do this to  innocent animals ,what more are they capable of ??

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Colts are ...


 just kinda cool to have around 
and definitely 
in the

Calender materials too 

These are from Saturday , Harley's first  big day out on grass. Yes is is my front yard, and yes it was a supervised outing , luckily as he was  pretty determined to try the steps . 
It went very well, until momma Jewel caught sight of her reflection in the big picture window. Initially she looked as if to say , "Dang that is one gorgeous horse in the mirror, then it turned to "are you looking at MY BABY!!!" at which point we  exited the area! . 
She will be on a couple hours turnout a day with Harley  for now  since as you see she is not in any way hurting for groceries. This is a good opportunity to work with him and get her back into  condition as well.
Hope everyone had a great weekend 
Stay safe 

Happy fathers day

To the guy who helped me learn to ride a bike, and a horse, fixed my toys and my truck , talked me through the first time I pulled a trailer, taught me to drive, check my oil, change a tire (then made sure I had roadside assistance so I would not have to) How to pull a calf,doctor cows , and make a rope halter. To the man who taught me to dance ,and the words to all the really good oldies songs.Who walked me down the aisle and gave me away, but never really let go entirely . To the man who has always been there when I needed him.And in my eyes will always be the brightest , and the best, and a hero . To my dad , Happy Fathers Day

Saturday, 16 June 2012

When Naps Attack

Nuff said there
Stay safe everyone 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Get your motor runnin'

Well he doesn't yet have the  patented "Nitro" of Ride a good horse  zoom just yet , but this kid is gonna have wheels!

Meet Harley, by Fern Valley Phoenix and out of QH mare Jewels . He is owned by my hubby Martin , as Jewels is his mare and he chose the stallion to breed her to. Well face it ,they are all mine/ours ,but officially Harley is Martin"s new colt. we will announce the contest winners soon. meanwhile ,I am now on antibiotics and lying low  trying very hard to recover from this plague. See you all soon! Stay safe

Monday, 11 June 2012

Ooops! Sorry no foaling contest!

 Sorry gang, I  kept meaning to set up the contest.But with the Graduation, and being ill, and the fact that I had a sneaking suspicion we weren't going to get anywhere close to her due date (333 days is not till  June 20) I didn't get it done . To be honest I nearly posted last evening that there would be no contest as she was going to  foal, but I didn't want to look look like a crazy lady . Up at 4 am for a  dose of cough syrup, and thought I would check her , and low and behold... There he was !

It is pretty  muddy around here and more rain expected so I thought it best to bring them in .
That was fun! Independent little cuss , finally wedged him  between me and mom and half drove half carried him into the barn,Helluva start to the day! 

 Anyway sorry about the contest, we will do something else soon. He is going to need a name , and All that pops into my head this  morning for some reason is Harley !
Actually ,here is a contest for you , first  5  posters who get the name of his "parents" and his owners name  right will be entered for a draw for a  book.
Works for you ???
Stay safe  

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Its out

Saddle Up
The newest copy of Saddle Up, featuring Fern Valley Appaloosas on the cover!
click on the link to view the magazine
And I already received a call as a result! Cool!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

You've come a long way baby , part 2

The convocation

Proud parents Brian and Debra Oakley , and big bro Robert 

part of the  family. All that is missing  from this is her sister Cara , who was unable to attend , but I am sure there in her heart

Angela and her roomies,have become colleagues,& friends 

Couple of  proud beaming Auntie moments 

As she gazes toward a bright and exciting future

There you go , as always remember to stay safe