Welcome to Fern Valley

Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Recovered posts May 15-July 22

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fridays for sale?

This "Fridays for sale" thing is getting a little random, seems every time I want to post a horse for sale on it ,I sell the horse!
Can't really complain about that but...
Yesterday was looking like a pretty busy day , with 2 mares to check and possibly breed , Dandy booked to be gelded and a gal coming to see Bug .

Well, Bug is sold,I wish I could say it went really well, but... at the end of the day it is all good She has gone to a new owner with skills and as much determination and spark as she has .So I am calling it a win. Dandy 's gelding postponed as oh so wise veterinarian felt it might not be prudent to start a surgery outdoors with Tornado warnings . Good point I would say , live to try another day!

Did , get the mares checked , and we bred Jazz again (Dandy, Maggie ,&Timers mom) as she had cycled again after her initial breeding to Cactus last month . Also over the last couple of days Phoenix Bred martins mare Jewel.That is the only mare we are breeding to him , as this is his first season.Looking forward to next spring to see what he and she produce.(I already know the Cactus x Jazz cross is a winner)
Cactus had a little "loss of focus " on Wednesday evening and jerked me around pretty badly ,add that to the constant weather fluctuations , I am a hurtin Albertan today!

So back to the Fridays for sale thing , last horse left for sale at the moment is Dandy. and since he has already been featured .I will leave it for now .He is rescheduled to be gelded Saturday .
No pics today , but I will have some exciting ones by the end of the weekend I hope!We are heading to Calgary tomorrow , to pick up the new trailer!

Have a good weekend , stay safe!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Words on Wednesday

Has everyone been over to Shirley's blog Ride a good horse ?

If you haven't now is a great time ! She is running a Silent Auction as a fundraiser for Mikael, of Rising Rainbow Arabians,(Mikael's Mania) that dear lady , who I visited in Washington ,back in June.with all of her beautiful horses. Mikael has been very ill and Shirley is auctioning off an original piece of artwork as a fund raiser to help out .
Check out the links, and take a chance at bidding on the picture! It is a truly wonderful work of art !

in other news , got a text from Kat(Maggie's new boss ) to let me know she had spent the entire day with Maggie and is very happy , Maggie has settled in nicely and is "a dream to work with " Those two seems to be a great match! Yay for my sweet Maggie filly!

Anyhow , go have a look at Shirley's artwork, and say a prayer if you would for our dear friend Mikael
And as always , stay safe!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving right along...

OK, enough with the thinking and ranting . Lets talk about the weekend.
I sort of promised Johnny pics , and new baby pics , but, I didn't get to it , so hang in there GL, he is coming soon!
Saturday was spent doing yard work, and , well more yard work, weeded the flower beds (not like you can tell ) weed whacked (edging) and finished mowing the lawn . Then showered and headed into town to meet Miss Dee (my niece )and attend the Kenny Chesney concert!


Me and Miss Dee, row 9!

Kind of a cool pic for one taken on a cell phone camera

Sunday brought a beautiful hot summer day , spent it working with a few of the horses, found sweet Andee, quite lame , from the looks of it , jut a strain , gave her some bute and she seems better already today ,with all the stormy weather ,I think she must have slipped when running .
Spent the late afternoon sipping Peach Bellini's and having a late lunch with friends, then off to my sisters to celebrate Tara's 21 birthday.
All in all a lovely weekend
After work today loaded Maggie and sent her on her way with a very excited young lady! I hope to keep contact and follow these two.
Dandy was a little upset to be left alone and is currently pouting in the barn, though he seems to like the stall as it is a mosquito free zone . He is scheduled to be gelded Thursday (shh don't tell him! )
Will get those baby pics soon, and hopefully the rain will quit long enough to get the hay off in the next couple weeks , huge crop if we could only get it cut!
Meantime , stay safe everyone!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't sell them short

This is a bit of a rant , and a bit of a question.
How do you price your horse?
and where do you market them ?
Basing the price on ,cost of a stud fee,+ plus what the horse has cost you so far,is one way ,
Researching the current market for horse of similar type quality ,and training is another option, of course keeping in mind we never really do get paid for our time with them.
Then there is the "quick sale price" mark them well below market value in order to turn a quick buck.
Those are the people I am kinda ranting about ,those who would rather advertise ,if at all on free sites , and more than likely take their stock to the local auction.
Most of the horse industry has become pretty jaded over the last few years ,or maybe it is just me ,but I see an ad for a seriously undervalued horse , and my immediate reaction is "why ? whats wrong with it?"
Same as at auction barns. Once in a blue moon you find a diamond in the rough at that type of sale, but the question left is ,how rough?

Free horses scare me , because, seriously , nothing in this world is free , and the people who often get them are inexperienced and very likely to get hurt!
Again there are exceptions and there are a few situations that I know of where there is a free horse available and it is a true gem. I am currently doing my level best to get that same horse into good hands, but with the "free" label ,even I am shaking my head .

"Gimmees" as I call them , seriously undermine the market for quality horses in the industry .and cheap auction buys are often the way a new person to the industry gets into it , and right back out in a big hurry !

Not knowing a great deal about conformation , breeding ,temperament and even the impact of early care , they grab that $50. colt and run with it! straight to the vet very often . The impact of poor handling /or lack of handling the absence of hoof care , parasite management , immunizations, can all rear their ugly heads once the $50 baby gets home . After a lot of sweat headaches ,wallet aches and tears , they may or may not have a $1000 baby on their hands, but it will have cost nearly that !

Instead ,lets bring new interest into the horse industry , with quality ,sane well handled and cared for horses , valued at their real worth (not too high either ) and help those who are already into the industry and those coming in have a good experience and a chance at what we already get , pure joy .
Advertise ,where you see fit , but keep in mind if you don't feel your horse is worth $20 -$30 worth of advertising , how are you gonna ever convince a buyer ?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridays for Sale

So ,I am a bit late, with this , but I thought I would start posting my "Fridays for sale " posts again. "Fridays for sale " will be a (hopefully ) weekly feature where I show the stock/tack I have for sale, or if anyone is looking for extra exposure ,for their own I can link to them .

A bit late in that the horse I was planning to post first, sold last week. Maggie is still here, had her feet done and the last couple shots to meet the criteria of her new boarding facility . Once her new owners can arrange transport ,or we can fit it in she will be off on her new adventure !

So ,the second one I wanted to post was FV DandyLine

FV Dandy Line
2010 colt by Windwalker Cactus, out of Fern Valley's Jazz
Sweet tempered beautiful palomino with a blanket Dandy has the conformation and inherent athleticism to go in any direction. He is UTD with worming and immunizations. Leads well, and is very gentle and sensible. Easy to catch. He carries dual registration in both the ApHC and the ApHCC (F2) status
Should mature 15hh .

That is what I have so far for an ad, and I don't love it . It needs to POP! this is a gorgeous colt with personality and charm to spare . He has already shown great athletic ability , and is quiet sane and sensible .

Gotta keep working on it ,I will also be gelding Dandy in the next while . Although he is a great colt with lovely conformation and a very nice temperament , he just does not strike me as a stallion prospect . I believe quite strongly that he will be a great saddle horse , has the potential to also do well in the show ring .

Any of my blogging buddies ,who have the creative juices flowing , jump right in , I am having a brain block on this one !

Have to try to get some more photos as well, weather and time permitting , these are OK , but just OK , I need to show what this boy really has !

Meanwhile , have a good weekend everyone! I will try to also get updated pics of Quinn and Comet. And maybe , just maybe ,a photo of Johnnie for GL!

Stay safe!

Wednesday, July 13, 201

Attack of the naps

"NO one ever really understands the concept of a "Nap attack", until they have been attacked by one!!!

Kind of a sleepy dreary day again , the sun is trying to peek out, but ,not quite getting the job done

(older pic of Maggie and Justus)

(Baby Comet , trying hard to stay awake)

(This little fella was rescued wandering down a northern highway, lost hungryy and nearly run over.Thanks to a kind hearted fellow he is now the #1 joy in a young girls life)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend wrap up

Last things first, HUBBY IS HOME !!!! got a call late yesterday to let me know he was coming home early , and I picked him up at the airport at 9 . So nice to have him home , I missed him and I missed US .He should be around for at least a couple weeks , till the next job, hope it is closer next time .

Also, congratulations to Katarina(Kat) who is the proud new owner of FV Sparks Image!This little lady is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the horse industry , quite young still but clearly a go getter with great skills and supports.

Kind of cool as well, her mom and I graduated high school together , so the weekend was a reunion of sorts , and I will be able to follow Kat and Maggie's progress.

Not much else going on , the foals are doing alright in the unending monsoons we are experiencing ! Rain , rain , and more rain. The pastures are growing so fast we can hardly keep up!Sadly so are the MOSQUITOES!

In brief sunny periods over the last few days , I have caught Comet "legging up" and starting to run and play a bunch more

Starting to wander away from mom for a few minutes at a time

And learning to play with big brother Quinn

These are all taken on my old point and shoot, sure do notice a difference in clarity , when I have to crop a photo . But they are still pretty OK. I am still pretty cautious with the fancy camera , not wanting to take it out when it is wet, and little camera fits nicely into my pocket

Even Comet is sick of the rain !!!

Stay safe everyone

Friday, July 8, 2011

Words to live by

Take a moment or two and watch , and listen to this . I think you will find it well worth your time .It will at the very least ,I think make you smile
Here are a few lyrics ,for those who cannot access the video .

" Don't ever sell your saddle
Never owe another man
Watch where you spit on a windy day
Don't use words you don't understand
Find the Lord before you need him
And never lose your pride
Don't ever sell your saddle
'Cause life's a long, long ride.

Daddy never ran from anything
Always took his share of the blame
Had a heart big enough to fill a valley up
But hard enough to stop a train
He said only fight when you have to
'Cause there's always a faster gun
And you'll know a hero from a coward
When you see which way they run."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lets Dance in circles

The mosquito's , are so bad they are trying to carry us away!
So the routine here seems to be , keep moving , even when , I am out there trying to get them some relief with fly spray. I did light a smudge for them as well .

It helped for a while

then the wind picked up , changed directions , and well, all I can say is I hope the neighbors horses appreciate it!

Dandy gave up for a while and just lied down in the long grass , maybe he squished a few!

I did get some spray on a Rich and Ici, so the babies are staying close in a bug free zone . Maggie and Dandy, and the rest of the bunches are "dancing in circles" while they graze , nose to tails , swatting each other in the face .

But enough whining about it .It is what it is right?

Lets just look at baby pics!

Stay safe everyone. and I will have an update on the "Fridays for sale" posts soon maybe Saturday for sale instead .

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy birthday Martin

So I have commented a bit (read complained ) that Martin is currently working out of town. It sucks and I miss him a lot ,but it is what it is , and we will get through it. I know I am not the only gal who's hubby is away working , there are quite a few of us around , several bloggers are dealing with the same thing . And I think they will all agree, it sucks! We did not marry these guys ,not to be with them . But sometimes ,it happens and we have to just get through it .
Why am I talking about this right now ?
well it will have been 24 days total before he is back home,(July 12)and that is the longest stretch we have been apart , and ,it is his birthday today ! So I am feeling doubly rotten about it . He is not a big one for celebrating his birthday , but ,I am . We will do something nice when he gets home . but meanwhile ...

Rich and Lucky

You’ll get rich and I’ll get lucky
Now there is a place to start!
Those words were spoken by none other
Than the man who took my heart
Now wait a bit,

don’t let your mind go down those sullied courses
The conversation was nothing wrong,

quite simply about horses

Get Rich Quick, and Lucky Chant,

were 2 good mares you see
He made a deal when we met

and bought them both for me.

Not a common courtship really,

he didn’t bring me roses
Instead, he brought a cow and calf,

and horses with soft noses

But knowing me as I do, I think he had insight
A guy who brings his girl livestock
In my book gets it right!

Roses fade and chocolates spoil,

nothing lasts forever
But raising horses, and raising cows
Is what we do together

Monday, July 4, 2011

My muse woke up !

Happy 4th of July !!! to all my American friends and family! Hope you have a wonderful day !

My book Telling tails is out there , and has been pretty well received by the family and friends that have read it so far.

But, several have asked if I will be doing another?

Well, I wasn't sure, and am still not ,I thought we would just wait and see how this one went . And ,well ,I hadn't been writing any more poetry for a while . Just didn't have anything coming to me .Sure ,I wrote the one for my dad, and I also wrote one for my Uncle ,but that flood of words , for the most part seemed to have dried right up . I thought ,oh well, maybe that was all I had to say .

And then ,I woke up this morning with not one , not two, but three poems in my head demanding to get out !

Not sure if there will be many more , or any more , but for now here is one . Shirley ,from Ride a Good Horse ,asked a while back if there would be a Winston poem, and finally Shirley , I can answer , yes ,there is!


A big yellow guy
With love in his eyes
He will turn doubters into believers
Loyal and kind
And gentle of mind
Winston, the Golden Retriever

A friend and a greeter
And savior of Skeeter
His little buddy, he protects,
From coyotes, and thunder
And wide eyed wonder
For all of the thanks that he gets

Under the watchful eye
Of this wonderful guy
Farm babies of
All kinds are guarded
He puts up with lots
From all kinds of tots
And has never
Become hard hearted

Hours he did log
As therapy dog
A task he excelled
And well worth it
At the end of the day
What more can I say

He is practically freakin

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just some Happy Appys( an Andee cameo appearance)and contest winners

Just a few shots of babies from the past years , now all grown up , or nearly .Did the draw for the super short foaling contest, and since I took the names from 2 posts , I drew for 2 winners Well actually I cut them up and Deb drew 2 winners, but I like giving presents so we drew 2 more !

So here it is


Charles City Cat


Prairie Ridge Performance Horses!

Congrats to all, you have a choice, you can have a signed copy of Telling Tails, or if poetry is not your thing ,I will send you a Fern Valley Appaloosas Ball cap .

Not much else to say , but , they are some happy ponies!

Stay safe everyone. And to the winners ,send me your snail mail addys please!

A few introductions

"Is it time for my close up already?"

OK , here we go !

Allow me to formally introduce "FV A SHOCKING COMET"

As agreed , Marc(BIL) saw him first ,So he got to help choose the name . He had a colt a few years ago, named Draco , who sadly died mysteriously . So in homage to him, and some reasons personal to me , we chose a name "Comet " that reflects that bright flash in the night sky , that we see,once , and only if we are very lucky ,twice in a lifetime.

The "shocking part "is easy ,not only are there horse like "Future Shock, and A Shocking Fantasy "in Comets pedigree, he himself was in fact a bit of a shock, what with arriving so early and his coloring , while clearly possible , is quite surprising
Comet , meet Quinn. He is not quite up to playing with Quinn yet, but the mommas are allowing then to be a little closer as Comet begins to get his legs under him. He ,being early is a little over at the knee, but is straightening up nicely . I would far rather they are slightly contracted , than to see those frighteningly loose floppy joints that can happen. I have learned over the years to wait and watch , and they seem to straighten out fine in a few days with the good watchful care of their momma.

Remember me?
All this fuss about the new kid! yeesh!

Guess if I want some camera time I will have to do something cute

This oughta work! Winston , meet Quinn

Stay safe everyone


The youngest of the Peninou kids (my sister's family )
Graduated last night from high school!
Congratulations to Mr Brendan Marc Peninou!!!

A lovely celebration attended by his family ,sisters and grandparents from BC, and me! Martin is still working out of town so he missed it . My folks attended the Commencement ceremony , but due to space and wheelchair accessibility issues did not attend the evening.

Congratulations again to our newest graduate!

very proud mom and her boy! My sister Heather , and Brendan.*This may be my favorite picture of the evening

Stay safe everyone , and enjoy your day wherever you are

Monday, June 27, 2011

Anybody order a twist on the Gunsmoke horse?

So ,I guess that was the shortest foaling contest ever!

With no clear winner but me! So I will do it a little differently ,anyone who guessed is in the draw and anyone who comments on today's post is also in. Add to that if you posted on both both , you are in twice .Seem fair? Hope so .

Things seem good with my early baby boy , though it was a little exciting this morning. Martins mare Jewels , REALLLLYY wants a baby , and seemed to think this one would do. Unlike Ritchie ,who wouldn't tolerate a foalnappin' Ici is a bit timid , so between Jazz (wonder mare) steering Jewels away , and me actually catching her and removing her from the pen we got the situation under control.

Poor Jewels! she is soo sad!Thanks also to Heather (sister) and her hubby Marc, for the heads up this morning and the help.

Anyhow , going out to feed and check on everyone again.

Stay safe !

Friday, June 24, 2011

Denial, it's not just a river in Egypt ! and the next foaling contest

Not much to say today, I am suffering with the plague,not really just a crappy summer cold, but it sucks. Felt it coming on for a couple of days and thought , if I just pretend it isn't happening , it won't .That didn't work so well

I was going to post my "Fridays for sale" horse today, but between feeling like crap, the weather being a bit funky and the fact that Dandy is a "in your face kinda guy ,its not going to happen . Maybe Sunday

Meanwhile , here are a few random shots of Quinn and Annie

And my other "lady in Waiting" this year See U In My Dreams .

She is bred back to Windwalker Cactus (this is the pairing that Produced "Catch a Dream "(or Cat ,the fat baby)
Breeding dates , were quite late , August 1,2

So go for it. Foaling date , sex and color! leave your guesses in the comments

Good Luck ,stay  safe

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


But mom! I thought you said it was a flower BED

What do you mean it's not that kind of bed?

And that , my friends ,is why you rarely see pictures of my garden! My poor poor Delphiniums!

Hanging baskets , truly seem to be my only answer.

Oh well, such is life . Stay safe everyone!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

If you ever want to see a rainbow, you've got to stand a little rain

We have had rain , rain , and more rain. Up to 5 inches over the last week.It is muddy ,slippery ,sticky , generally gross.But moisture is a good thing and the grass is growing at the speed of light!
A little challenging to keep everyone dryish and on good footing , and clean ,is just simply not an option.Me or the horses ! I have been through several sets of clothes and my rain jacket is in the wash for about the 6 th time
Dandy is well, but seems to be trying for a different color pattern at present ,Palomino, with a blanket and black spots?

Maggie is much more dignified and unless you look close she seems clean

The Fern Valley Swamp Monster in action again , The Okanagan has the Ogo pogo, Loch Ness , has Nessie , and we have Winston

And Skeeter, who avoids water at all costs , but is perfectly willing to dig in the mud!

Here we have the VERY pregnant "See U in My Dreams" (Ici) ,watch for a foaling contest coming soon

And the not pregnant and clearly underfed Jewels(lol)

Muddy mirror images of Annie and Cat

Andee and Annie

My sweet Annie (FV Dreamboat Annie)

I will never understand why , when they have a huge green pasture , they feel the need to lurk in the corner in the mud

A few shots of Quinn

And of course young Fern Valleys Phoenix.He spent overnight in the barn as I needed to park him somewhere so I could sort out pens . Had a brief flight of lunacy this morning when I fed him, seemed to think I would not mind if he stampeded over top of me to get out . I explained to him , my lack of caffeine, and generally the error in his thoughts, and he was much better about it . When I brought him out later it appears our discussion sank in as he came out quietly , a gentleman ,on a loose lead . Much better Fix!!!

The rain is supposed to ease by Tuesday ,and we will hopefully get some sunshine before the next deluge . Meanwhile , stay safe everyone!

Oops! Out of order

The day before we left for our trip, was my mom's birthday

June 8 ,is her Birthday , and June 7 we celebrate as well, as my mom received her liver transplant in 1988 on that date. We came very close all those years ago to losing her ,each year is truly a cause for celebration.

Had a very nice family gathering at a local restaurant ,fun was had by all . A great meal , and nice visit with family , couldn't ask for more

Cousin Wendy , and my sister Heather

Cousin Ross, and Uncle Bill

Cousins Keith and Ross

Cousins Laurie and Shirley and Laurie's Hubby Peter

Auntie Shirley and Auntie Peggy

Uncle Bud and Auntie Barb

Another of Peter , and cousin Shirley
There were about 30 people there, but with dinner and visiting I didn't get pics of everyone that turned out . All in all it was a great evening .
As always Stay safe

Unwinding the whirlwind

We are home! And boy oh boy is it good to be here! I had a wonderful trip and visit , but there really is no place like home.
And thanks to blogger ,I have been keeping some in suspense with the premature posting !

Headed out Thursday Morning with Martin , to drive my Auntie Peggy and Uncle Brian home to Seattle after a visit . Great weather for the trip and we enjoyed a leisurely drive over 2 days. Lots of time to enjoy the scenery and one anothers company . Auntie Peggy is my dad's only sister ,and an absolute doll! I don't see them often , but I absolutely adore them both !

Arrived in Seattle late Friday afternoon and after settling in and having dinner , packed it in for the day. Saturday morning our adventure began . I am semi familiar with driving around Seattle , but those roads can get confusing . Headed south to a little place near Mount Rainier( I think), an unassuming little farm , quiet and green , where we found beautiful treasures !!!

Met Mikael and her hubby , and briefly her lovely daughter, then on to the horses

Suede(I believe a full brother to the infamous Storm)I absolutely fell for this guy , a little shy at first ,but once he decide we were gonna be friends, what a sweetie

Big brother ,Storm Himself!!! This pic does not do justice to the presence this fella has!

Steady Eddie "Dandy" Just a lovely horse

Solidare's Tango, a young horse ,who's story is already rich with history , and what a charming boy he is .

These two charmers kept me busy , I do not recall their names ,sorry , but they were handsome boys and sweet as pie


And her twin Trouble! I can see it in the gleam in his eye!

This next picture is not one I would have posted ,it is the Beautiful Legs ! himself , but the look on his face pretty much says what I am feeling "seriously lady? you got an opportunity to ride ME ! the ever handsome and incredible Legs! And you declined??? are you nuts???? " Yup Legs I think I am , thought I wouldn't have time, and now am regretting it BIG TIME ,if the opportunity ever comes up again , trust me man I am ALL OVER IT!!!

Thanks Mikael ,for the tour ,I had a wonderful time!

This is all for now, as Blogger and I seem to be having relationship issues this evening (lol)

Will post more about the visit and the trip home soon! Meanwhile as always ,Stay Safe!

Wandering Wednesday

Not much new going on today. Took a little walk with the new camera, I have to start practicing more with it

A couple shots of Quinn

The down to the geldings pasture , to move them

Hello , from Johnnie


Wild Card, Digger, and the boys

Fern Valley Swamp Monster!

Our old soldiers, looking well

Show off!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday !
Stay Safe

So guess what is growing in my garden?

I didn't plant these! I guess they are what you would call volunteers?

I see we have some goopy eyes too, gotta grab some old tea bags and clean them up if I can.

More baby (Quinn) pics soon.

Stay safe everyone!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Come all without ,Come all within

"You'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn"
She had us guessing , and kept us wondering ,

When , would she finally introduce us to the baby this year?

Well "that Ritchie mare" kept her secret for a little longer than usual

But finally this morning , after she and I had a visit last night .Ritchie has never "read the book" about foaling and has here own "tells" one of which is she becomes even more affectionate than usual and seems to NEEED me close for a while , then she just suddenly doesn't look pregnant .and by the next morning Viola! we go a baby

"FV Quicken The Wind" (Quinn )I think he is a beauty , looks an awful lot like big bro Justus did on his birthday !

"But when Quinn the "appy colt " gets here every body's gonna jump for joy

Oh come all without,

come all within

o the closest guess here seems to be Crystal, She guessed 27 May. I will check any late entries as well, that did not get posted , but for now Congrats Crystal , and maybe someone else!

Guessing by now you know your prize will be a copy of Telling Tails .

Stay safe everyone

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just a little news while we wait for that Ritchie mare

Well actually for me , kinda ginormous exciting ,thrilling ,news !

I wrote it , I sent it off I paid to publish it , but nothing prepared me for how I was going to feel when it arrived!

I went to the mail today and picked up

my "Authors copy " of my book!!!!!

I didn't know whether to laugh ,cry ,yell ,or howl at the moon!! so I did it all , except howling , it is frowned upon in downtown Onoway (read Bugtussle) in the middle of the day!

Read it right away! and yup ,those are the poems I wrote , and the pictures I took! but the publisher did magic putting it all together , and made it look like a real book!

There is a picture I never thought I would see.My hubby reading my book!!!
I will have copies here soon ,and if anyone is interested I will let you know .Or if you want it sent directly you can order it through Trafford Publishing Here .

If I never sell a single copy I will still be thrilled .And I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement , what started as a little exercise in letting my muse fly has become a huge accomplishment that I am so proud of ! And I have all my wonderful family and friends to thank!

As always my friends ,stay safe . And while I am so happy and celebrating this event , I have to remember those who are facing devastating loss all around due to horrible tragedy and natural disasters

The weekend

We had a beautiful weekend .Saturday over to visit and enjoy Abigail's 2nd birthday party.On the way we bumped into this crew again

Living the good life these dogs!

Then today brought in the cows and immunized and processed the calves today,and sent them out to pasture! Yay!No more moving them every day to feed and finding stragglers on the wrong side of the fence.I will still check them pretty regular , but it just seems easier when they are on grass .

The crew

The Supervisor.Happy Birthday Abigail!

Afterwards enjoyed a couple cold beverages and BBQ ed hamburgers .Got the burgers cooked just in time for a huge rainstorm , cooled us all down nicely.

Had a good visit then all my helpers headed home to their own projects. All in all a great weekend , and we still have one more day here!

Hope all is well with everyone .

Stay safe!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Balls in the air!

An odd title , maybe but think of juggling . In spring it seems that is what we do here. Juggling the cows and horses, though the cows are one "ball " I can drop to some degree after Sunday ,as we will be processing the calves (vaccinating and castrating etc) and sending them out onto the pasture finally .
Then the foal/foals should be coming .I have been moving a few horse at a time out onto grass, but once the cows go ,and the grass comes back a little I will get the rest of them off hay and onto pasture . We rotate our smaller pens fairly steady and I keep smaller groups up close . For the most part I stop feeding hay altogether at the end of May , and usually only have to start again in the fall . But it takes some doing , and with the 2 stallions it truly does feel like a bit of a juggling act . Add to this I want to keep the ones I am working with a ,little closer (yup I am lazy) and those that are for sale a bit closer as well.Though luckily I can call all of my gang in if I need to so farther out is not actually the end of the world. And I gotta tell you when people come to see a horse you are selling and you can stand at the gate and call, with them coming in on the run, well it sure doesn't hurt the sale!

As you can see things are greening up beautifully , and after a long Alberta winter , this is the kind of thing that keeps us hanging around , the beauty around in Spring and summer is second to none!

As I posted about last week this seems to be the year for a major cleanup, but I took a break from it this weekend to do a little work in the house yard. Mowed the hayfield oops! I mean lawn, weeded the flower beds with hubbies help and planted a few new rose bushes I got as a birthday gift from my folks (3 weeks ago!)then wandered off to the local garden centre for a few hanging baskets and some annuals to plant in my fountain.

Ritchie is still hanging in there , if your guess has passed feel free to take another run at it ,she has me guessing this year too!

Spent a little time with Dandy the other night, what a star!! Little booger has been haltered all of 4 times now and took it like a champ. He didn't have much handling over the winter other than feeding and a couple of "discussions" on personal boundaries , but they seem to have stuck . Caught him up , brushed him and was pulling some of the balled up hair off , took it all like a star, then dewormed him and Fly spared him to boot! no fuss, a little wide eyed wonder at the fly spray but no pulling or panic! I brag on how quiet my "kids" are but I gotta say this one even surprises me!

So on this long weekend I am hoping to get a few more things done , before heading back to work on Tuesday .Hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring , I guess except Sally who is in the thick of her winter (hope you get some sunshine through the rains girl)

Here 's to a wonderful productive season and hoping we can all keep those balls in the air!~
The pictures are all from this evening , playing with the new camera a little .
Stay safe everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taking the time , ;updates

So still nothing from that Ritchie mare. Funny she is almost always early , and earlier with a filly , but this year,I guess she is just taking her own sweet time . No real changes to speak of , but she can sneak on by you that way too.I swear she can go from no udder to speak of and no indication she is getting ready other than a need to be with me and a itchy behind ,to "Good morning ,see what I did last night!"With her belly springing back and her looking like a fit athlete in no time flat!(I am sure many of us would pay for that girl's secret!)
The book Telling Tails , is now considered "live " and available for sale ,online
Here or, you may wait till I get my copies here and I would be happy to sign one for you .

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and encouragement .
I have recently had cause to revisit my goals and plans for this season. While I still intend to Show Cat, and Phoenix, I may do so only on a small scale again this year ,With the recent outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus And the fact that Cat has not gone out for training yet this spring as expected ,this is looking like a year to do some steady work(I am not a fan of the idea , of 30 days training and zipping into the show ring ,I can embarrass myself just fine , no need to involve a horse! LOL) And face next spring with a solid foundation and ready to roll! That said ,.I still will have a lot to get done , Dandy needs to be cleaned up and have a photo s shoot , so that his is ready to go on the market .Phoenix needs some refresher time under saddle , as will Annie . Wilder needs some work, Martins mare Jewel.There will be (hopefully) the babies fro Rich and Ici to get to know and photograph . And then of course , there is Johnnie

an old pic , but a favorite, for GL

Stay Safe everyone , and please remember those who are in crisis , whether it be the fires here in Alberta,and through out Canada and the USA, the floods across both countries ,All who are facing extreme weather ,and trying times .

Windy Weekend wrap up

Hi all, I am sorry I have been a bad blogger the last while .Other than Dads Birthday post I only had one up last week!
In my defense I have been a bit tied up , working , and still so me chores,though the cows and calves will go out next week! Yay!! With the latish spring and Martin working away we have fallen behind a bit .Speaking of falling behind ,on Tuesday evening I found one of our small(itty bitty ) heifer calves had gotten into the wrong pen and was away from momma for quite a while .Tried herding her to the right pen , but she was a bit wobbly . "Oh well I thought , she is just little " , Well not little enough , I only carried her about 50 feet , but that was 50 feet too far for this girl. Between all that I had done on the weekend, shoes that need to be garbaged and good old Arthritis , I was a wreck by 8 that night ! Wrist shoulders knees ankle ... the works . That little stunt laid me low for 3 days , even wound up calling in sick for one of them!
But time and rest do heal some things and I was on the mend by Friday and well enough Saturday to got with BIL Marc to unload last weeks load at the dump, then back again to load up from the storage stall and the barn alley . I don't have before pictures (Couldn't face photographing that mess!) but here are the afters.

No ,Thomas the Cat was not part of the load to the Dump, he is just supervising the load!

the barn office

Alley way ,it is an odd angle , but it is now wide enough again to ,saddle or trim, or groom a couple or 3 horses , 3 stalls are open and available if needed(the fourth tends to be used for storage)

My brother in law Marc and I are on a mission this year to get this place ship shape ! Thanks also to Deb (Never too old ), and her hubby Brian for all the help !

Next weekend the yard , then the back of the barn, and...

Last night, after all the work , headed to town to Mom and Dads for a BBQ to celebrate Dads 70 th birthday (it was Friday but he and mom were at the ballet ).Good food and fun and I ate waaay too much!

Today,was a quieter day except for winds of up to 80 Kph!
Deb and I took Peps and Bug down and put them in the pasture with Andee Cat and Annie, there was the requisite theatrics, but after a while seemed to settle .

I did wind up going in and ' explaining' to Bug and Peps that chasing the young ones away from the feed and water WILL NOT BE ALLOWED .The little girls sure seemed to pick up on my status in the herd quickly , when I am in the pen they file in right with me and don't run from Bug or Peps. Peps bought into the program much more quickly than Bug,when I left Peps was quietly eating with Cat (Brought back some memories of another grey mare and a bay with a blanket )

And Bug? she was pouting in a different area , but I just glanced out and things seem to be resolving further.

Before Blogger took a powder earlier this week I had some pics to show as well

This hissing spitting little fluff ball, the Winston was trying to sweet talk, I wanted to catch him to clean up his eyes , but Momma must have gotten the task done ,I saw him today and he seems much better .

And these guys ,

They ride around town in their trailer with their boss pulled by what else? A Harley Davidson motorcycle!

"Who let the dogs out?"

Stay safe everyone!

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