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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Monday, 15 July 2013

Juggling cats?

So  since  the clinic  wrapped up , I have  been  a bit  busy, we  had  a few  things to get  done around  here on  the weekend, then out  for  dinner  Saturday  night  with Martin,  Marc and Heather, and  friends  Deb and Brian , for a  late  celebration of  Martin's birthday . Sunday  went into  town to help Heather  with a  few things, then  Martin picked  me up and  we  went to visit  his  dad at the  long  term  care  center. Finally  attended a Colt  starting  demo with Dan  James  of  Double  Dan  horsemanship (the  fellow  who   ran  the  clinic  I attended . It  was a pretty impressive show, worked the colt who was halter broke and essentially unhandled beyond that. Nice quiet sensible approach overall, with the best interest of the horse foremost .
 He  finished in  style  with  some  fancy work, Aussie  style 
Cracking  his  whips. 

The  colt  took it all very  well, I commented on  the  way home  he  could  have juggled cats at that point and  the colt would  have  stood.

And  juggling cats is  what  I  felt like I was doing  today! 
Up  and  did  what few  chores  we  have these  days  then into  town to sign the  final  paperwork on my  new  purchase  at Martin  farm  Equipment (west  end of  Edmonton, then north to Morinville  for a  dental appt  for Martin , then  back to West  Edmonton(grabbing lunch on  the  way) for  Martin  to  stop and see his dad, I ran over to see  my mom and  dad. The  back  across  town to the  bus station (north East  side  ) with about a minute to spare  for  Martin to  get on the  bust  to head  back to work! But  we made it . I  then  grabbed a  few  groceries  on my  way home and made it here in time  to visit the ponies, and  feed  before  my new  toy  arrived! 
A nice  new  gator (way  easier  on my shoulder than  the  quad  for  hauling salt ,hay, etc! )

A few   discussions  on  who  was  calling  "shotgun" 
So  as   you see it  was a  pretty  busy  Monday,  but there is  always  time to spend with the  little  ones ! 

Stay  safe  everyone , and  have a  great week!


GoLightly said...

OH, those baby butts!!
My short-term memory is non-functioning, so I won't pretend to remember names of the babies.
But that loudest-colour colt? He is just too gorgeous for mere words.

Your field of foals looks like a painting.

Congrats on the new gator, looks like Winston completely approves. Hope it makes your work-load easier!

Ami said...

I think I'm breathless just from reading everything you accomplished in a couple days!

I'm dying to know... have you ever juggled cats or do you know anyone who has?

Cut-N-Jump said...

SOunds like your life is catching up to mine lately, lol. crazy busy around here and I haven't gotten around to posting on my own blog yet. Love the new gator. That has got to make things easier on you. Glad Winston and Skeeter approved of it too.

Janice said...

Hey there. You sound very busy.Love the new toy...that's what I need.Those babies are all beautiful...my fav is the one with the big spots.I like your saying too "you can try and fail,just don't fail to try" I'm in the process of getting Mattie ready for a thing in Creston...we are both out of shape and quite probably the odd balls ...but oh well I've decided to just get over myself and start doing something with these horses.It has been some time since I have competed in anything so hoping I don't embarrass us too bad.Oh and by the way I can relate to that poem.

Paint Girl said...

Love those babies!! They are growing up! And they are so pretty, love all the color!
You are going to love the gator!! I can't believe we pushed a wheelbarrow for 7 years. I love my UTV. I use it for yard work, pasture work, feeding etc. It gets used at least 4 times a day, if not more!! Enjoy!!

sally said...

Now that is what I call a wonderful new toy ....looks like you might have to fight for a seat though!

Paola said...

Wow! You sure have been busy. Well, I'm glad you at least had time to spend with the cute foals. I love the new "toy".

Shirley said...

Oh Winston looks smug- nice Gator! The foals are all looking good, have to say I'm partial to Cat's little brother.

WishIHadAHorsey said...

Holy cow they are all so cute! Green with envy I am. GREEN!

kden said...

Wow, I'm exhausted! Love the dogs in your new wheels. They look like you bought it just for them :-)

Laura said...

I like the new toy! Looks like the dogs approve too! I really want one of those someday...

Love the foal pics - keem 'em coming!

I hope you get a bit of time to relax at some point!

Crystal said...

Oh wow sounds like a busy busy day, bet you were glad to have the gator after that, that will make chores a lot easier, we use ours all the time now, never knew how handy it was till we got it.
Love all the babies, but I think Richies is my fav (so far, she is just cool!)

aurora said...

Dan James is awesome! He sure has been hitting the road hard, seems he is everywhere.

Just catching up, looks like you've got some new beautiful spots!!