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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Sunday, 27 October 2013

First snow, and a little blogger assistance please

Well it happened! we got  snow, happens  every  year  around  this  time, but I am always  somewhat put out! LOL
Supposed to warm up  pretty  quick  so its  just a warning  shot  but ...
SO out  we  went to set up  water heaters, I finally found  the tank  heater  for  Phoenix, bout the  same  time I lost  my temper! I always  put it in  the  same  place, and "nobody " moves it , I am  gonna  find that  "nobody"  person  one of  these  days , and open a  can of  whoopass on them!
The "kids"are  happy in  the shed

My sweet  dreamers 

Headed into  the old  home  place to do  more  packing and sorting , I also  took  some  pics  around  the  farm  for posterity ,

" the big  garage"
 all that is  left  of the old  dairy  barn  and  cattle yard

 Driveway to mom  and  dads  house 
 the  back  yard  where we  played  and Heather's and my playhouse 

 the  second  garden
 back of  the house 
 the big old  tree that  many  many years  ago  we  would  climb, it was  so bent we  could  jump up and  sit on it , that branch is  considerably  higher  now 
Flower bed??

 This next  one is  where the  call  for help  comes   to my  fellow  bloggers
This is  the "Haymobile"  designed and built  by  my  dad and his  brothers  many  years  ago, it was  the first  front  end  loader in  the area  if  not the province. Those are  all the real  details I know, I asked  dad, to write  up  a  little  description of  it and another  item, but he is not getting  after it . So  here is what  I need , his  name is Ron,(or Mr  Horricks if you are  shy ) I would  like any  bloggers  who  are interested to prompt in  the  comments ( he  does  read  the blog ) and  see if  we  can  collectively  encourage him to write  a guest post  for me ! 
That's  all  for  tonight  but  hope  we  get that  guest post  soon!  Meanwhile  stay  say  friends , and I need to add  stay  warm! 


Anonymous said...

Mr. Horricks - we would all love to read your description of how you came to build the machine - these details of agricultural history need to be preserved and enjoyed.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Mr Horricks I would love to read a post about your "Haymobile" my husband and I farm for 35 years and he is like you has designed and built the things he needs. You are a very clever man and so is my husband. You should really write a post. A wise creative man like you should tell how you built it so others will be able to dream to do such beautiful work. My Hero would love to see and hear about your work. One clever man to another. PLEASE..... B

GoLightly said...

Dear Mr. Horricks
Looking at the pictures of your place, I am moved by how many memories and stories are wrapped up in every piece of timber and metal and dirt.
Please share at least a few of your memories with us?
I know how hard it must be to let go of an old life. My husband is going through something similar, we have moved into town, after living the farm life, all of his life.
The loss of the farm life is not easy. I'd love to share your stories with him.

Thank you for all of your accomplishments and extraordinary hard work, feeding Canadians.
Thank you.
An old city girl.

Willow said...

I really liked seeing these pics.
That "hay mobile" looks totally interesting .
I would love to hear more about it Mr.
Horricks :) if you would take the time to let us be indulged .

Shirley said...

Mr. Horricks- the younger generation doesn't have much know-how, they have things ready made and don't need to use their own ingenuity to get them through, they just have to go to the local store and viola! problem solved.
My husband is a creative genius when it comes to design, he is the build it don't buy it type, and we both would love to read your story- in fact, I think you should take after your daughter and do a book on farm tales. The hard work and sacrifice, tough times and good times of the people who built up the farms that fed this nation in her growing years should be remembered and treasured, for o much nowadays is taken for granted. Please write!

Also... is that an old Studebaker sitting there all lost and forlorn by the old dairy barn? My first car was a Studey.

Nicole said...

Oh wow, that loader is awesome! I wanna know more!!

WishIHadAHorsey said...

That haymobile loader is incredible. I would love to hear the back story of why and how you and your son designed/manufactured it. ;)

kden said...

Your farm has history, so do you. People like me enjoy reading about other people's history so please Mr Horricks indulge us in a tale. It's a lost art, telling our stories. They should never be allowed to die :-)

aurora said...

Great pictures. I would also like to hear more about how/when the hay mobile came to be and/or a favorite memory or story about the machine in it's hay day (pun intended). A guest post (s) would be wonderful!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

keep 'em coming friends, he is talking about it , and thinking about it , now we just have to get him TO WRITE IT DOWN!! Ya hear me dad??

4RRanch said...

Hey Ron, how about telling us a little bit about that cool haymobile. I'm sure your daughter would really treasure your written words about your family history.

4RRanch said...

Hey Ron, how about telling us a little bit about that cool haymobile. I'm sure your daughter would really treasure your written words about your family history.

Crystal said...

That is one cool looking haymobile, I too would like to hear the history on it, gotta get it down cause you don't see too many like that around.

GoLightly said...

14th :)

Happy Hallowe'en :)