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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Monday, 4 August 2014

Just cooking along!

Seriously cooking!  Been pretty warm around here lately , I seem to only get things done in the morning or late in the evening! the remainder of the day I am either at work or laying low in the house. I did install my little window air conditioner , which I have had several years and never used, but this last week has been too much and the humidity has been high . When the centre of my house is at 82  degrees Fahrenheit , I have to concede defeat and do something. I believe more than just I and the dogs appreciated the cool down

Seems the summer is flying by!
With the cooler time in the evenings, I am out working with the foals, or trying the two mares I am breeding this year to get that done. Jazz is bred to Cactus (fingers crossed ,will recheck in a few days ) and we are breeding Ici to Phoenix this year, if I can ever catch her in heat! (funny mare that one ) I did also have 1 outside mare here, but she was here,bred and gone so fast I forgot to get her photo, sweet little thing though, I sure don't mind having  such gentle easy to handle mares here.
I posted last time about loading Tango and Maks in the trailer, I have been also working with Casey and Sprite, Casey seems to have gotten the least handling this summer so trailer loading isnt  the priority, just working on leading nicely and  her feet,she is not for sale so it seems she has been less of a priority , time that changed! she is only going to get bigger!
Sprite did just fine with her trailer lesson, once I convinced her she needed to come out of the pen with me , pretty much looked at it and popped right on

Pretty good girl, and a smarty pants too!

Aside from that I have moved the renters steers a couple times, had a small incident with a wasp (he died, but not before stinging me  ) and got rear ended while driving the gator in the field by the renters hired man. Sigh I guess to be fair I did stop in the middle of an open 1/4 section! The gator is fine  as am I but I was one hot grumpy gal by the time I got in that day, and the steers were still not moved, I went back out that evening, with  just myself and the dogs on the gator and got the job done
Cooler temps and cooler heads prevail
 Skeeter says, "too many!  I is just a little cow dog, I only work little cow herds!"
 there are 275 of them out there, but I have to say for yearlings they are sure nice and quiet, easy to work with overall
 Of note I am trying to disperse my cat herd, I swear there is some weird kind of signal over my farm, like the bat signal for batman , only mine is a cat signal , that is a beacon for all pregnant cats to come to my barn!
So for anyone interested, I have several little orange polydactyls, like this one

Then there are a couple like this 

 also some greys, a black and white(hard to catch ) and a couple  tortoiseshell ones ( no calicoes this year )
Already placed are (#4 in the picture) 

 And this little white  treasure, she is a poly-dactyl Manx! who knew we got fancy around here! 

So if anyone is looking for kitties...

Also horses, I do have Wilder, and Tango  still listed for sale , also Sprite and Peps (Debs horses are for sale , maybe I can work a deal with a free bag of cats with every horse purchase... cant see how that could go wrong ! lol 
Anyhow I have been busy and I have neglected the blog and reading others, for that I am sorry , I will continue to try to do better. I did consider stopping the blog, but honestly I think if everyone can bear with  me for a few more weeks,I will get caught up and start being indoors before 11:00 pm  and then  maybe I will write all those rambling posts  that have been swirling in my head ! 
Meanwhile as my weekend winds down , stay safe my friends!  


kden said...

Man, you are up to your eyeballs with critters! We've had it pretty hot here too. I would have put that a/c in a long time ago :-)

Shirley said...

Oh those kitties! Sigh, I do love the poly and manx kitties. Must not have another cat. Must not have another cat. Must not.....
Nice when the youngsters don't give you any trouble with loading. And yes, keep the blog going, if only intermittently. FB gets really annoying so it's nice to catch up on the blogs instead.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Hahaha! I think I'm out of breath just reading all of that. Whew! One of thee days things will slow down for you. I hope.

Ami said...

DO NOT stop blogging. Take a break until things slow down a little. I've actually done that myself. Not feeling that pressure to write every day has been good. I can't write about the legal issues, can't write about the BS that is happening at work, and I'm too tired to try to be funny. So, I got nothin'.

Once I'm back to the grind, I imagine I'll be back to the blog.


You do the same.

Meanwhile, do you think kittens would do okay in a box sent via UPS? I really like that little white one...