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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Possibilities, supplements- Agilease

"AgilEase; Supports Healthy joints and resilience/recovery after exercise. Normal healthy joints can become uncomfortable and reactive after activity, and those who live with inflammatory conditions can experience discomfort far more easily. AgilEase harnesses the benefits of Turmeric, frankincense powder, hyaluronic acid, along with copaiba, wintergreen and clove essential oils along with other key ingredients for use to support joint health or as a preventative measure to protect joint and cartilage health."

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been very busy. Road trips, teaching, lots of time on my feet and not a lot of rest in between. It was worth it, don't get me wrong but I takes a toll. This time last year I spent an entire weekend in bed, basically unable to do much more than hobble out to the kitchen for meals or to the restroom. I live with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and while my work is very rewarding I do have to be mindful of stress and fatigue. That was how the teaching rounds affected me lat year.

This year I have made some changes . and this series of posts will share what those changes have been and how I feel I have benefited.
I am not , nor does Young Living claim this to be a magic bullet or wonder cure but I certainly have noticed a considerable difference

 I have been taking this for a couple of months now and while I still experience pain and swelling after standing teaching all day ,I have not experienced any serious flare ups of Lupus or RA and my recovery and resilience are wonderful. Literally overnight I am much improved. Which then enhances to increase my ability to keep moving and exercise, a winning combination!

I am linking this review in Joint Health Magazine  for your consideration 

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