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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Friday, 11 October 2019

Photo dump, and what I have been playing at

Still struggling to get back to regular routine her, but I am not giving up!
Its been a while since I posted, and a lot has gone one, wettest summer in recent history, but we got our hay up, even had me on the tractor for a while! FV Practically magic is growing strong,and I finally have some decent weather to play with ponies! And of course  dogs, checking calves, the usual .

 Henry has become addicted to "Bears on TV"

 I have also been doing a little something different with my pictures, and my "Aunty Sherrisms"

Also, a little tiny garden this year, netted me a little tiny harvest! 

Hope you are all well, I need to get around and catch up! 
Stay safe friends 


aurora said...

SO much love & truth in your Sherry-isms!! Too funny that Henry is addicted to bears on TV. I wonder, why bears? Beautiful photos, always worth waiting for your updates <3

kden said...

I love when you dump a bunch of pics, fun to look through! Henry is so big, I remember when you got him.

Leah said...

Catching up - what you are doing with pictures and your Sherry-isms is great! I love those appy babies!!