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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Don't hate me world ,its just that is exhausting to be this good looking!

it requires

daily naps for


Stay safe , stay warm
And remember to get lots of rest

Fridays for sale!

So suffering a slight case of "Dang it will January ever end?" and a little bloggers block so ...
I was thinking I might try something a little different .

I have a few horses that are for sale ,not a bunch ,but I am going to feature them on Fridays. Now because I don't have a huge herd I only have at present 3 that are for sale so I though I would feature one at a time ,and if anyone else is interested I would be willing to feature your for sale horses here as well . I don't expect that this is the greatest venue for selling horses and I will be advertising elsewhere , but it can't hurt to get the pictures out , and maybe my readers can help to tweak our adds a little in the process.

So without further ado ....

FV Canadian Classic

2006 red roan

Carries dual registration in Appaloosa Horse Club (USA ) and the Appaloosa Horse club of Canada

ApHC #656110

Classy is a sweet tempered mare with a world of potential ,30 days professional training ,and currently being ridden by a young vet student in Saskatoon. Beautiful mover with great attitude and ability . Stands well for farrier ,loads clips ,bathes.UTD on all immunizations and worming
Video of Classy
edited to add, from the coments.Angela says
"She hacks out, free jumped over 3'6, walk, trot, canter, gallop all solid. Has a great start on her lateral work. Oh yes, and shes an absolute doll to work with."
For further info on FV Canadian Classic , contact me via email at fernvalley01@hotmail.com
So fellow bloggers, any thoughts?
Stay safe stay warm!And have a wonderful weekend

A bright sunshiney day!

Not much new going on , but the sun was out today ! Still pretty snappy at -15C (5F)

Windwalker Cactus

Unfortunately by the time I get out with my camera there are a lot of shadows. I seem to have sorted out the blurry issue , clean the lens and charge the battery (who knew?)

So, I took a few shots around the farm while doing chores . Funny last year I got some great shots ,so many that it was hard to choose for the calender ,this year I am mindful that I would like to do another calender , and I am not getting the shots as easily ! I have only a few so far that would make the short list! But I guess its early in the year so...
Better , and who better to practice on?

Time to go in already?

Why are you walking away from me?

Wasn't I supposed to drag my lead rope across to the far side of the pen?

I will keep digging till I find spring ! K?
Also since I was out I took a little video of the cows , more so you can hear the cold crunch of the snow !Sorry no Skeeter dog cameo ,he was busy hunting the elusive Snow Butterfly (in other words, farting about elsewhere)

With any luck ,my play list won't get all creepy and play "Cows with Guns "while you watch!
Stay warm ,Stay Safe

The weekend,project updates

Well the weekend has come and gone,and what have we done?

Saturday, spent some time with my cousin and his son, had a nice visit an Kyle got "Uncle Martin " down on the floor to try to put together his new Kinex tractor.Sadly Martin was unable to do it so we brought in the "A" team ,16yr old nephew Brendan ,who was a Lego king as a youngster .He got the job done ,which prompted Kyle to dash into the kitchen and say "Daddy ! you just have to see it!" Yay Brendan!

Brought the cows in to IVOMEC, dummy here spilled some of the pour on on my hand,then failed to wash it off in my hurry. Suffice to say,I have a much clearer idea this morning of how a colicky horse might feel!

Saturday evening , we had company ,in the Oakley family. Deb(
Never Too Old ) , Brian .Robert,Angela(Chronicles of a vet student ) And Cara .They walked in,saw my new dining room suite ,still in boxes and turned the evening into a work bee! Brian,Rob , and Cara ,with Martin made short work of the project .Deb, Angela and myself cheered them on! Join me in wishing Robert well as he moves away to Hannah,Alberta, to start his career as Vegetation Specialist for and environmental organization.I will miss him ,I met Rob when he was just hours old , how time has flown!

This morning , after I dragged my sick self out of bed, Martin,brother in law Marc, and I went out to the trainers (Ernie ) to see Bug and Wilder and how they are progressing . Ernie says they are both really good ,though Bug "likes things her way "sometimes . I like how Ernie describes his handling of that " I just explain really clearly to her ,that that isn't gonna work.And she understands now"She sure seems to ! going nicely ,responding well to leg aids carrying the bit well, soft and supple.

Wilder as well,likes to move out (like his full sister Classy ) but responsive and steady. I was quite pleased with the progress
Sorry about the pictures,not sure if it was me,the light or the camera ,but they are all a little blurry
She has come a long way our little Bug! (http://fernvalley01.blogspot.com/2008/07/back-story-of-bug.html)

Wilder ,his sweet self, also featured here(http://fernvalley01.blogspot.com/2009/08/havin-us-some-fun-tonight.html)

Have a great week! Stay safe ,Stay warm!

It ain't pretty,It just looks that way!

Well, OK it still is kinda pretty , but its getting a bit tiresome.

Not much going on here ,just regular day to day . Get up do chores ,go to work ,come home do chores ,sleep repeat.

Since I am not the brightest bulb in the mornings (barely have opposable thumbs at 6 am) I thought I would take you for a walk during evening chores .(also it's dark as crap in the mornings still so...)

Careful,everyone , watch where you step! This is the time of year when the footing gets iffy and you could land on your arse ! I don't mean this guy!

After feeding "Fix and Arse " its into the barn to feed the "kids " Justus and Maggie, and the swarm of cats .
Then down to the boys

A kiss from Johnnie Handsome!
Cactus ,checking the activities

Icy ,heading back from water

Then out to the cows
The light changes so quickly this time of year ,it is light longer every day ,but ...

Are you cold yet? OK lets go back

Come on Slow Pokes!

We are nearly there

Home for the night
Hot Chocolate anyone?
Stay warm Stay safe!

Let go of the rope!

The title of this post is a bit of an inside joke, but please bear with me.
Attended the Horse industry conference on the weekend ,with my friend Deb. As I mentioned in a previous post ,I was a little unsure about it , but I am happy to say it went very well. We took some of our brochures ,and business cards ,as well as a few calenders.Almost all were snapped up quickly ,and we received many compliments, not only on the presentation , but on our stock.
Bumped into a few people that I knew ,one from several years ago. Funny how some people continue to pop up in our lives, often when you least expect it.
The conference hosted several seminars, all quite enjoyable.They had information on Horse handling, nutrition,breeding , showing etc. I attended one presented by a Veterinarian from a well established equine practice in Littleton Colorado, on lameness. Now in 90 min they are not going to make you a pro, but the course was a well presented overview of assessing ,including several videos to reinforce the skills.
Another seminar I attended was ,although more geared to the new rider , enormously entertaining .Presented well and reinforced a theme that was prevalent at the conference , which was "Horses don't ask us to come in to their lives , we choose to go into thiers" As I said this was a common theme at the conference ,and a good reminder to all of us. Some of the seminars were held at the same time as others that I wanted to see, so I missed a few ,but the organisers kindly put together a overview of each of them and the info about the presenters ,so I hope to access some more info.
Not much rest this weekend ads the conference was held in the hotel ,and it is also the home of the infamous "Billy Bobs " bar. So , this farm kid had some trouble sleeping through the hootin' and hollering,and the vehicles,doors ,horns,etc. But what the heck it's 2 nights out of my life!

Still a little tired today so hopefully I will post more about the info at the conference soon , once I have had time to digest it all.

To the title of the post ...

There are times when we are dealing with horses and or people and life in general, that things just go wrong in a hurry. And while we are taught to be determined , and "stay the course " If it is putting us in danger of being hurt , it is OK ,sometimes to Just "let go of the rope"Take a second to regroup and either try again , or in some cases move on.

Happy Monday everyone.

Stay Safe Stay warm!

Wouldn't it be nice?

Got thinking about this last night (when I should have bee sleeping )

Winston is an intact male , I had had him for 3 years when we got Skeeter .Now I also at that time still had Polly (an old farm collie) Brought Skeeter home in Feb. He was soo little ,but feisty . walked right in and stole Winston's food!Win just sighed and backed off .And the relationship has remained pretty passive ever since ,except when Skeeter is in trouble. In June of that year we were out checking cows and a coyote came into view .Skeeter (with his delusions of grandeur) rushed over barking madly (I can only think the coyote thought "Meals on wheels") anyhow the coyote grabbed Skeet,Winston was on the run already and when Skeeter screamed he slammed that coyote with his chest at full speed ! Rolled it over and caused it to spit out his little buddy!
(Just threw this pic in to remind you all of the kind of mess Skeeter can get into)

When we got home I gave the guys treats ,and Skeeter took Winston's again (now that's gratitude)

So the point is Win has no reason to be kind to Skeeter , he just is ,and the 2 are grand friends ,playing steadily , the food issue,has come and gone . Any new dogs that come around ,once the excitement dies down ,are just invited to join the game.

So part of the reason I am writing this is ,it is a good story of how to get along , and I am attending a Horse industry conference with Deb, this weekend .

I am looking forward to it with mixed feelings.One one hand ,I love to learn ,so the education is exciting to me .The idea of networking with others in the horse industry to better the overall industry sounds great .

But... as you read a few posts back .I don't love crowds and new people make me very shy and nervous. Also it is a sad fact that not everyone in the industry is nice ,and wants to work together . There are a lot of competitive people (which is fine) but negativity and breed prejudice abounds .

No worries, I am going in head up ,smiling brightly (while likely feeling nauseated) presenting what I have to offer and accepting what they have . But I kinda wish we could all get along like Winston and Skeeter. where the worst response so far has been a long suffering woof of a sigh

Sky Lights, and Sparring Partners

We have had a stretch of nice warm weather since the weekend. above zero temps, it makes things a little goopy, but I can take that no problem!
I have had the "kids Justus and Maggie out in the round pen as much as possible and they are enjoying dashing about and making nice with Cat , Andee,and Annie.
As I mentioned ,we weaned the last calves on the weekend ,here they are in a rare moment of quiet.(noisy little buggers!)

And handsome Mr Badger , "oh hello is that a camera?"

While doing evening chores I was fascinated by the difference in the light.The sky was just so pretty! the sun still ,fairly low and going down early ,but the crisp blue from the colder days has changed to pretty pastels.

The sky to the northwest,and the edges of the sunset

To the east the sky had an almost unreal glow, looked more like a painting

Phoenix ,and Eurus,were enjoying the warm weather as well .Sparring with each other ,sadly every time I got close with the camera they quit ,as if they thought I was mad .They would rush over to the fence and gave me a hangdog look. So these shots are sneaky and not as good a representation of how majestic these two fools look when they are in flight.

hope everyone is having a good week.
Stay warm stay safe!

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