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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 ,Year in Review part 1

So ,I hope I haven't left you hanging so long you wandered off!
Here it is! the year in review!
So , as I said , I had begun writing a bit of poetry, well January , my muse awoke in earnest and I  began to write even more . Sometime in there ,also the idea of publishing my poetry began to flicker in the back of my mind .
January of 2011 a;lo brought with it ,more snow as Old Man winter took the prairies by the hand and held on tight! It did however make for some great photo opportunities

Deb and I braved some NASTY driving conditions to attend the Breeders and Owners conference , and came home after that weekend to a record snowfall Again! We began to believe Winter was never going to ease up , far less to end !
February , came along and the nasty bite of Winter held tight ,with even more snow and nasty roads . Severe winds and temperatures as well. So bad that one of my electric waterers (It seems one always does ) froze up , and I had to have Nephew Cory out to re wire it .(I am more than willing to thaw them and fix the plumbing , but when the water is close to the electrical box, I cry Uncle and holler for help .) Because the weather would not ease I could not get  time to thaw it , so I covered it till spring and placed a Rubbermaid tank in that pen for  the remainder of the winter (fixed it this spring , no sweat and so far , so good!)
In late Feb, Martin and I left the farm in the capable hands of Angela(DVM2012 ) and my brother in law Marc , and headed for sunshine and Palm trees for 1 glorious week !

Travelled with Martins sister Connie , and her hubby Mike.
Fun sun and relaxation!!!
On the way home we had a layover in Phoenix , where we got an extra special treat!

As we exited Customs were were greeted by two of the cutest redheads EVER and their folks ! My dear friend Linda (CutnJump) and her hubby , and the beautiful twins Lillian and Vivian! We had coffee and a visit , and as with all of the blogger friends I have met so far, it felt like we had been friends forever! Too short a visit , but with friends it always is.

Home to the snow and the long wait for spring .I finally  bit the bullet and contacted a publisher and started on the book . It was scary , and exciting , and ...
Spring finally came to Alberta , sort of , and calving began

It was a little rocky and rough by times , but with my able assistants Winston and Skeeter , I got through
At the end of April ,  Deb and I again headed for Red Deer for the MANE EVENT , a huge Equine trade show and conference , where we  helped man the booth for the Appaloosas Horse Club  of Canada . And I (apparently "got my flirt on") and got us in the side door , saving us a huge walk, and then a free extension cord for the booth! (I swear I just smiled and asked nicely!!!! )and did , dance very briefly in the aisle with a cowboy I have never seen before or since for that matter ! (Told you I was coming out of my shell these days!lol)
Again a huge treat awaited us there , we were able to meet One old Cowgirl(Linda) and Crystal from Ranch Riding !!! Two of the sweetest ladies, both of whom I adore!!!!

 Martin and I celebrated our 10 anniversary this year, had a very exciting evening out at the Red Lobster ,complete with a power outage and candlelight moments!
And then it happened! just before my moms birthday party I  received the copies of my book!!!!!!

There he is , MY HUBBY , reading MY BOOK! how cool is that?
And you know what , that is only half the year, and half the excitement !!!more to come tomorrow !


Mikey said...

What a great year you've had! So many exciting things!

sally said...

How amazing to have your book printed. I just love the cover!

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good so far . . . minus the snow drifts . . .

aurora said...

What a great review of highlights & first half a year you've had. How fun meeting bloggers in person!

Publishing is such a huge accomplishment. I'm cleaning my office on my staycation and ran across the cover wrap of a book I designed (school project) that is STILL waiting to be written...kudos to you!

Nicole said...

I so love that you published a book! That's so super awesome. What are you going to do this next year?!?!

GoLightly said...

What fun to look back on the year.
'specially when it's a Fern Valley year!

Looking forward to part II !

Ami said...

I love reading here. Love your pictures. Your stories. Heck, I even love YOU. :)

I think you're amazing.

kden said...

Nice review and good to see the pics again.