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Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 Year in review , part 2

June  brought more excitement and some fear  . Forest fires raged in the northern  part of the province, and Martin came home from work on a bus , as they could not take off in the plane due to sparks on the runway!!
Many Albertans , suffered with these fires, and the entire town of Slave Lake was devastated ! homes were lost , the hospital and law enforcement facilities damaged , and much more.We witnessed a miracle of a sort though with this , as communities pooled together , near and far to help the victims for the fire , donations of food, clothing bedding and lodging poured in , not just from Albertans and Canadians, but from The USA as well . The Royal  Couple attended the site , and we were all reminded , that even in the face of tragedy there can be  good found in people! 

We also shared in some wonderful family time. My moms  birthday celebration was an opportunity for  many of the family from near and far to gather and visit . My Aunt and Uncle from Seattle attended , as well.
A  bittersweet time  as we also learned that my Uncle Bud  was  losing his battle with Cancer, but we enjoyed a great visit with him , and he remained relatively well through the summer , attending his grandson's wedding and his nieces 50th birthday in the fall . I wrote him a poem , at that time , and though I hesitated I am very glad that I gave it to him. He read it and told me I made him sound far too good , but those of us who knew and loved him , know I did not even scratch the surface .

"I will remember you laughing”
I remember you laughing with total abandon
A wonderful memory I often reflect on
So much more to say and remember
The soul of a poet, a heart oh so tender

Square dancing or ballroom you fit in just fine
Then out to the fields and on the combine

Community minded, with an adventurous spirit
Climbing a windmill, with no sign you fear it
You took on the world and had a good look,
And saw so much more than is found in a book

Father, a husband, a brother and friend
A grandfather and uncle loved beyond end

And if you must leave us and go on ahead
We will have memories to hold in your stead
Save us a place, and wait for us there
And oh! One day, the stories we’ll share

But in the meanwhile
As time keeps on passing
In my heart and my mind
I will remember you laughing

Following the party , Martin and I packed up the truck, and With Auntie Peggy and Uncle Brian in tow , we went on a road trip to Seattle , to return them home. Those who know me well , will laugh and know that I drove the whole way! I am a TERRIBLE passenger , and seem to loose all upper body control when you take away my steering wheel. Luckily Martin is not a fan of driving a lot so we so OK .

Had a great visit with family there in Seattle , and then ,

I did it again!
I met another fellow blogger!
Mikael! of Mikael's Mania/Rising Rainbow Arabians!!!! 
I cannot load all of the pics I took, and can't even link back tho the original posts as the hacker screwed that up, but here is one of my favorites!
Mikael ,and the handsome  Tango We had a lovely visit, seeing all of her horses.I fell in love with many , Suede ,Dandy, Legs , the twins Surprise and trouble , and of course Mikael, and her family! Again too short a visit , but when you find good friends are visits ever really long enough?
Home  and Martin returned to work till July ,  then had some time off for Haying .
Unfortunately in early July , a hacker attempted to access , my pay pal account, and email,(both of which have subsequently been closed ) then when they were unable to do that  successfully , out of what appears to have been pure spite , they deleted my blog posts from the past 3 years . 500+ posts ! gone! . As I said , at the time , I may not be the most tech savvy gal out there , but I am stubborn and determined , and I got the blog back , without the posts and comments , but have gradually recovered the posts. This did not in fact  make me jaded or defeated , in fact the outpouring of love and support I received , actually renewed my faith in human nature and I am determined to follow my mothers mantra of "the best revenge is living well!" and Live well I shall!!!
This summer also brought graduation celebrations for my nephew Brendan,
My favorite photo of the evening was this
My very proud  sister , dancing with her son!
Summer also brought the newest of the Fern Valley Appaloosas
FV Quicken the Wind ( actually arrived in May )

and FV A Shocking Comet!

Ands we have enjoyed all summer watching these beauties grow!
This summer , we sold FV Sparks Image, to a young lady who's mom and I attended School together,
Bug, Chance , and also Dandy have found  new people of their own!The great thing is I am able to follow up , and these folks are keeping in contact with me , so even though I have sold ,  them  , I will at least to a point be able to watch them grow and see their careers!

August brought some fearful and stressful time ,with mom going into hospital with a presumed stroke. She was  going downhill quickly and we feared the worst as she became unresponsive 3 or 4 days in. Fortunately the doctors found out the problem and My tough little mom has recovered again! Yes , all prayers are answered , and sometimes it is yes!

She is still in a care facility but has been able to come home for several visits, including Thanksgiving and Christmas .

Fall came to us as it does, and amidst the hay hauling and weaning , chores began again for the year. Martin is working away again , and I have cut down to a part time position at work. Life is going along much as is should.I took a day trip to Red Deer to meet Janice (Own a Morgan) , Shirley ,( Ride a good Horse) , and Crystal at the Supreme,(have I mentioned I adore these ladies ? each and every one . My sister and I took a quick "sisters trip" to Seattle at the beginning of December  to visit family , and had a wonderful time ,thinking us girls should do that more often .

We had some sad good byes this year as well, in our families , and in our furry families as well. So when we look up  and say our prayers at night , we will see some new stars in our sky , and know that we will meet again someday .

Christmas was lovely , an warm and loving family time , where  we  were treated to a beautiful gift of my dad singing to us , he has finally given in and agreed to let me share this with you !
Forgive the quality , as I am not yet used to the big  camera on video mode ,and there is a slight hiccup in filming , but you will see I think that it is a most wonderful gift . 
Dads Gift As New Years Eve fast approaches  us I am looking forward to the new year coming , and looking back at my adventures with some wonder! I don't know what is coming next for  us here at Fern Valley, but whatever it is I hope we are equal to the task!
Wishing you all Peace , comfort and Joy in the New Year .
Thank You for hanging in with me this far , and as always , stay safe , stay warm! I love you all!


Janice said...

Well to start, that really is a gift from your Dad...I loved it.You had an eventful year, I am pleased to have been along on your journey. I sure wished I lived closer to you....but that might not be a good thing cause I'm pretty sure you would get sick of me bugging you all the time.Your review made me smile, laugh out loud and kinda made me sad in spots.You are such a special person I am glad I got to meet you in person and hope to see you again in the new year. I hope you and your loved ones have all the same sentiments you have expressed for the New Year. Have a good one Sherry.

Anonymous said...

You've had an amazing year - thank you for sharing with us. The best to you and yours in 2012!

Leah Fry said...

I think we should all drink a toast to our blogger buddies this evening. Here's to you and yours. Happy New Year!

GoLightly said...

Thanks for being there, dear Fern.

All the best in 2012!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

What a wonderful voice he has. I like your concept of new stars in the sky. I suppose when we look back and summarize the year, we realize that much more happened than it may have felt like, or maybe the opposite.

Shirley said...

Plenty of ups and downs but that what makes life interesting- hope 2012 has more ups than downs!
Your dad has a wonderful voice, and what a sweet song. I can see why it's special to you.
Sure hope we can all get together for a blogger ride in Alberta this year.

aurora said...

You are definitely a go-getter! Thanks for sharing "dad's gift" he has a very beautiful voice, I loved hearing it! Please tell him. I am sure it feels odd to think it
is being shared with people he doesn't know. I can see/hear why it's so meaningful to you.

Have a wonderful Happy New Year, looking forward to 2012!

kden said...

What a great look back. Loved seeing the pics I hadn't before. You sure have met a lot of fellow bloggers and I agree, we should all toast our fellow writers. Thank your for your friendship, Happy New Year!

Ami said...

Thank you for sharing the gift!!

And I meant to comment sooner, but your mom is just beautiful. What a lovely, sweet face she has.

Nicole said...

how did I miss the fires and that Martin came home on a bus?