Welcome to Fern Valley

Here in central Alberta prime farm country,my husband Martin and I work together raising beef cattle and Appaloosa horses. Fern valley appaloosas have long been known for their quality of temperament conformation and color.I have recently rediscovered a love of writing and have published 2 collections of poetry. "Telling Tails" and Tails Trails and Campfire stories" . I look forward to a future spreading my wings as an author and as a horse woman .

Friday, 17 January 2014

Picture this,a wander around the farm

 Tommy Toes, trying to entice you in to the old log house  to give him  a tummy rub.

 As you can  see, wherever he has been , he hasn't been "eating his own  cooking"
Fat and furry! 
 and a few  more  "fat and furies'

FV Dreamboat Annie and FV Catch a Dream. can  you  tell  they  are  related?
Winston, and Skeeter
 an Auto Awesome of 
a good old farm hand

The  daughter of  the "photo bomber" flashing a smile
 some  say,its old and  the roof is failing and we should knock it down. I say NO

What is Ole Blue eyes  looking at?

 Got the  girls looking too, and they  are  NOT HAPPY
if you click on  the pic  you will  see why
My mares  never  seem  afraid  of them, just  angry that they  dare show up in their  veiw
And  from a while back, these  we have  watched  for a  couple of  years, twins .Deb  spied them  when they were  calves, and they  continue  to hang around  together 
That's it  for  now, have  a great weekend, and stay safe


Ami said...

I want to come visit you.

Leah said...

thanks for the walk around - in the snow! Wow have to say we have never had MOOSE in our pastures ~ I am thinking it would cause some horse "snorts" around here :)

aurora said...

Thanks for the walk-a-bout, your beautiful place! I wouldn't raz the old log home either. Old buildings are fascinating, love taking pictures of them.

Unknown said...

I was loving the pictures, the snow, the animals, the wonderful old house and then MOOSE! How wonderful!

Shirley said...

Thanks for the tour! Nice sunset backdrop for those colourful horses. And give Tommy Toes a pat from me!

Paola said...

MOOSE! I'm surprised it got so close to the horses.

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos . I like that old building to glad your not knocking it down it has character ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

Sherry Sikstrom said...

as I said,my girls don't so much seem to fear them, but this is a band of brood mares, and they are not afraid of much,lol they seem more irritaded and defensive. Best Mr mosse stay a safe distance over all , after all if momma ain't happy...

4RRanch said...

Wow, I can't imagine looking out and seeing moose. We have plenty of deer but moose are a whole other thing, they are so big. The house is very quaint, can the roof be fixed?

Unknown said...

Wow, what a nice little window into your world. Love the homestead!

Love love love those spotted furries of yours!

C-ingspots said...

Look at all that pretty snow you have! And I saw lots of pretty ponies too...I think the old farmhouse is cool, wouldn't want to tear it down either. And moose!! How cool is that? We don't have moose around here. At all. I've never seen one in the flesh, ever. And twins, that's something!